OLD GO TO VERSION 2 21 – Putting Funds into your wallet

***NOTE - Version 2 training is now online.  The lessons below are version 1 which are 100% current however in version 2 you have access to everything here and so much more so I highly recommend you go through version 2 lessons.  Version 1 will remain online for 30 days.

Here is my preferred method to get BNB in my Metamask wallet by using Coinbase to buy USDT and then transferring over to Kucoin to convert to BNB and then transfer over to Metamask.
The GREAT thing about this method is once you have Coinbase and Kucoin setup you can do same-day transfers instead of having to wait 7 to 10 days. (I can't guarantee it works for everyone)

This is the same method as about but a slightly older video of my buying Bitcoin on Coinbase and then sending to Kukoin and eventually BNB to my Metamask.  The issue with this method is Coinbase would only let me send half my bitcoin immediately and the other 7 days later.  This video has a lot of the same info as the video above.