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John Dillion
1 year ago

It looks like the Chrome “Binance Chain Wallet” extension is now called “Binance Wallet” Just want to confirm. Is this right?

Julie Baxter
1 year ago

Just got back into learning after a break. I’ve set up my wallets. The binance chain wallets now have a different account number after entering my password? The metamask is the same account number as when I originally set up. Perhaps I should set upthe binance ones again? Thanks.

1 year ago

My question is how do we get the BNB into Metamask to begin with? Did I miss something somewhere?


I already have a DEX wallet via Exodus. Could I simply send ETH over to my Metamask then convert it to BNB (Bep-20)?

1 year ago

Need to watch again. it seem to be a little tricky. It’s just the format of the coin. It’s not a problem if you buy BEP2 or BEP20 They are worth the same value. But if you want to put your BNB coin onto MetaMask you must convert it to BEP20. That is just how it works.

George Howell
1 year ago

I have just set up my Binance Chain Wallet and while recording my private keys I noticed that the BSC and ETH private keys are the same. I double checked and found that the public keys are the same as well. Is this correct and if not what should I do about it please?

1 year ago
Reply to  George Howell

I have noticed the same. Anyone know why??

Michael Welch
1 year ago

I am trying to understand the difference between the BEP2 vs BEP-20, when would you buy BEP2 coins? If you don’t ever buy the BEP2 you should not have to worry about converting them to BEP-20 is this correct…or are you going to be buying the BEP2 for some reason? Can someone please help?? Thanks…

Craig Wakefield
2 years ago

The Binance Wallet is now set up. Getting closer to being ready to trade.

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