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This is a manual approval process and it takes my team 24 to 48 hours (many times sooner) to get your account approved.  - Joel Peterson - The Crypto Code

Affiliates. Promote the hottest webinar of 2024 and earn $826 per sale and $45 a month.
Weekly payments via Clickbank!

Average $/conversion Is Currently At
$1,220 Per Sale

Plus all you have to do is bring us 20 sales each year and you can earn a free week in one of Joel's beach homes in Cocoa Beach, Kauai and coming soon Park City, Utah!

Plus all attendees of the webinar that show up, pay attention and take a quiz at the end receive $10 in Bitcoin!

Yes we give away bitcoin every week.  Your subscribers will LOVE you.
*Terms and conditions apply.  Not all countries are eligible for the BTC


The Crypto Code is a comprehensive yet simple-to-follow system to help the new and seasoned investor get started and actually  have success with crypto following our specific strategies, indicators, premium trade alerts, bots and tools.

The highlights of The Crypto Code is WaveBot and our Premium Trade Alerts .  

WaveBot is a very simple bot strategy that we created and have been using for several years.  (No this is NOT Bitsgap or Grid Trading).

Premium Trade Alerts are for those that want trade spoon-fed to them with exact entries, take profit and stop loss levels.  Our win rate ranges between 84% to 89% and anyone can see our public trade records here:  

We also have a comprehensive training system to walk a beginner from newbie to hero and teach them very specific strategies to have success in crypto.

Our private forums, chat, mentoring and events are of the highest quality.

Our customers stick with us for a long time as they need our monthly subscription to run their tools and we are constantly updating our training as markets change.

We have one of the lowest refund rates around which means more commissions in your pocket!


Promote "The Crypto Code" In 3 Easy Steps
  • STEP 1 - Sign up for the affiliate program and get your Clickbank ID whitelisted
We need to approve your Clickbank ID before you can promote. All you need to do is fill out the form below. Please note that we do not allow people to buy from their own affiliate link 

Because you are a Rapid Crush Insider you will be auto-approved.  This is a manual process and it takes our team 24 to 48 hours (sometimes faster) to approve your account so thanks for your patience.

IMPORTANT!  If you are using a VPN turn it OFF before applying for a Clickbank account as if you don't you will be auto-rejected.

If you get rejected when applying for account don't worry.  Just email 
[email protected] and let them know which email you are trying to sign up and attach a photo of an ID like a drivers license that proves you are a real person.

Affiliates are NOT allowed to promote using any types of Spam or poor quality traffic.


Please list the website or audience you own if you would like to promote.  Be specific and give us the link to your website, social media channel or other that is identifiable to you.  If you are not specific and can't show us proof your application will not be approved.
Please let us know the websites YOU own and will be promoting on.
We do not allow spam email promotions.
Please enter all of your social media / Youtube / TikTok or other channel link(s) you own that you will be promoting on.
Please be as detailed as possible. One word or two word answers will be declined.

  • STEP 2 - Create your affiliate links

We have TWO different funnels for The Crypto Code.   

Funnel #1 - WaveBot Focus (Bot strategy)

Funnel #2 - Premium Trade Alerts Focus (Copy Trading)

Both funnels convert well and both cover all areas of the program.  

Funnel #1 - WaveBot Focus (Bot strategy)

This funnel focuses first on our automated bot strategies and then talks about the Premium Trade Alerts.

Automated Webinar (Recommended) - This takes your lead through our entire funnel.  Webinar / Replay / Email follow-ups

Direct To The Replay Page

Email Swipes Here

Funnel #2 - Premium Trade Alerts Focus (Copy Trading)

This funnel focuses first on our automated bot strategies and then talks about the Premium Trade Alerts which have an 84 to 89% win rate which you can see here:

Automated Webinar (Recommended) - This takes your lead through our entire funnel.  Webinar / Replay / Email follow-ups

Direct To The Replay Page

Email Swipes Here

  • STEP 3 - Grab your email swipes and promo material

Funnel #1 Swipes - WaveBot Focus (Bot strategy)

Email Swipes Here

Funnel #2 - Premium Trade Alerts Focus (Copy Trading)

Email Swipes Here


We are splitting the profits with you on this one.  

Your Clickbank affiliate commissions are set at 45%.  

We have a $100+ cost on each sale as each buyer gets a bonus crypto hardware wallet plus another gift we send them that greatly reduces refunds and puts more money in your pocket!

You make $826 on the initial sale and $45 a month for as long as they stay on subscription.

The average lifetime conversion amount affiliates are seeing per sale is around $1,220 and growing!

All affiliate payments are paid directly to you via Clickbank twice a week.

 We have a triple affiliate tracking system in place and we know where every sale comes from.


How Do I Get That Free Week In Cocoa Beach or Kauai?
(Coming soon... Park City, Utah!)

Just send us 20 sales a year and you can have a week in our private condo on the island of Kauai in Hawaii or our Beach home in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  You are responsible for your own travel, but besides that please enjoy 7 days right on the ocean as my gift to you.  Both of these places are vacation rentals we rent out to the public.

And you can do this every single year if you want!  There is a max of 6 who can stay in Kauai and 8 in Cocoa Beach.  Your years starts from the first day you have a sale so basically for every  12 month period you bring us at least 20 sales you get one week!

If you qualify for a week we will contact you and give you our calendar and you pick your week from our open weeks that are not booked by our VRBO renters.  It's that easy.  

The only weeks you can't pick are the last two weeks of November and December and the first two weeks of March and April as these are the high season for our rentals and our rates are 3x than normal.


Below you can view the automated webinar funnel.  This is the best way to promote as your lead will go through all of the follow-ups.  The MOST successful affiliate promote the auto webinar.

We use a triple affiliate tracking system so your lead is tracked to you for life.

Here is a replay of the workshops.  You can speed it up in the controls.

Funnel #1 Replay - WaveBot Focus (Bot strategy)

Funnel #2 - Premium Trade Alerts Focus (Copy Trading)


Hear from some of our students in one of my many testimonials

In 20 years of creating training and education, The Crypto Code has had the most and fastest success of any program we have ever created.


We are here to support and help our affiliates.  

The BEST way to get a hold of us is submitting a support ticket.  Our team will route your message to Michelle, our affiliate manager and she will reach out to you.

Please put "Attention Michelle" in your subject line.


A little more about Joel and why he is passionate to see you succeed as an affiliate.

Here is a fun video Clickbank did to spotlight Joel's 20 year journey as a Clickbank affiliate and product vendor.