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We want you to get started right.  We want you to have success, so we have designed our core training to do just that.  The core training is all available to you immediately after you join so you can dive in right now and get started today.

Welcome To The Family!

After you join the Mastermind, the first thing you do is watch the "Start Here" welcome video.

This gives you an introduction to everything inside the Mastermind, what to expect, how to get started and you also get to meet the family.  We have built a community of like-minded people with the same goal to help each other succeed as much as possible; in fact, many have made lasting friendships.

Introduce Yourself!

One of the first things we encourage you to do is introduce yourself to the rest of the mastermind members.  This is a great way to get plugged in and meet and interact with the family.  

Of course, you are more than welcome to be "Super-Secret-Ninja" if you want to.  Introducing yourself is not required, and we understand that some folks like to be anonymous but rest assured you are in a safe place, and we are all here to help each other.


This is where your start your Crypto Swap Code Journey.  This is where you learn and grow. 

With our "Over-The-Shoulder" video training lessons, we will walk you through everything you need to do to get started right.

Our training is top-notch and designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced users who want to get started immediately.

Here are just a few things you will learn:

  • The basics of Cryptocurrency. -  If you are new, we will introduce you to the world of cryptocurrency and keep it simple.
  • What is DeFi, and why is it going to change the world of finance forever?  - You will learn exactly what DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is and how you can take advantage of this exciting new space in the crypto world.  We will introduce you to all the new DApps and tools you need to trade.  And you can do most of it from a mobile phone!
  • Smart Risk / High Reward Rules-Based Trading - Many people think to get high returns you need to take a lot of risk.  We believe differently.  It's possible to have "Smart Risk" and get these high returns and protecting yourself and your wallet.  You will learn our Rules-Based-Trading strategy to lessen your risk and find the right trade for you.
  • Altcoins and the explosive growth that is happening - Sure you have heard about DOGE coin but have you heard about the other 9000+ coins that are exploding on to the market? -  Learn what Altcoins are, and how they are taking the crypto world by storm.  You will learn what they are, how to identify the projects behind them, and learn what Decentralized Finance is and how it's changing the world.
  • The CSP Game Plan - We will share with you the Rules-Based trading system we have been using for several years now that helps minimize risks and can help increase your profits.
  • What The Major Risks Are And What To Watch Out For - Since DeFi is such a new area of crypto we will educate you on the risks involved, bad actors to be aware of and how to keep you and your accounts secure in this modern world.  WE ARE SUPER CONSERVATIVE in our trades and teach you how to protect yourself in this new world.
  • Learn what DApps and DEX are and how it's changing the world of Finance as we know it - These will help you get rid of the middle man, and it's why traditional exchanges and jumping on board fast with this new technology before they are left behind with the dinosaurs.
  • Learn which "Swap" DEX you should start with and why.  It does make a difference! - You will learn about the many new DEX Swap sites and which ones we recommend.  Which ones have been the most profitable and why.
  • Learn All About different crypto blockchains and protocols - and how it's changing the world of crypto trading and investing.  Ask anyone walking down the street if they know what Binance is and you will probably get a glazed look.  But those that know have pretty much unlocked endless opportunities.
  • Learn how to set up and protect your different Crypto wallets. -  Have you heard about the people who lose all their Bitcoin because they forgot their private keys or lost their hard drive wallets?  We will show you what to do so that never happens to you.
  • Learn how to fund your crypto wallet the right way - Make sure you are not paying extra fees.  Many new crypto traders make one expensive mistake when they get started.  We will show you the right way that will save you money and get you trading fast.
  • Learn our Rules-Based trading system - Newbies wing it.  Newbies lose money.  Expert traders use Rules-Based trading systems.  We want you to be an expert.  What do you want to be?
  • Learn how to identify new crypto projects and existing ones that are ripe for profits - The key to making huge gains in crypto is buying low and selling high.  Which is almost the opposite of what most people that try crypto do. You will learn how to spot new crypto projects or existing ones and what to look for exactly before deciding to invest.
  • Learn about IDOs and pre-sales and how to get in EARLY on new projects - One of the ways our mastermind members have gained the most profits is by being there right when a new project launches.  Be there before the rest of the world hears about it.  This is where you have the potential to make huge gains.  Our mastermind record is a token that launched and went 18,000% in the next 90 days.  We had several mastermind members who were right there when it launched and got to experience these gains.  If you want to learn how to do that, we will teach you.
  • Learn all the different ways you can early passive income with crypto - One of our favorite ways to make money with crypto is setting up "Passive" income streams with different DeFi opportunities.  You will learn all about "Staking" and "Farming."  Most people in the world have ZERO idea what these are, but you will learn them and learn the power of compounding interest in many of these projects.
  • Learn and leverage the power of NFTs - You may have started hearing about NFTs.  It's the new buzzword, and even mainstream media is starting to report about it.  It's a whole different and exciting world ahead and you are right at the beginning of yet another opportunity in the DeFi space.
  • Learn the "SECRET WEAPON" of AUTOMATION in this whole Decentralized Finance world - This makes the difference in entering a trade at the right price, exiting a trade in profitability AND doing all this while you are sleeping.  THIS ONE STRATEGY IS WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT IN THE MASTERMIND.  PERIOD.
  • And so much more... New content and training arrives in the member's area as technology updates.

HOW-TOs & Links and Resources

It's natural to ask... "Hey.  How do I ...?" as you are learning how to take advantage of the opportunities crypto has for you.  Good news!  We have you covered with an extensive HOW-TO and our Links & Resources section that is constantly updated.

The other great thing is you can quickly search for your question or resource you are looking for using our fast search feature.  This will save you so much time as you navigate your crypto journey and help you find exactly what you are looking for.


Imagine you need to cut a tree down, so you reach for a chainsaw.  You pull the handle several times and nothing.  You keep pulling that handle because you know that if you use a chainsaw you will succeed in cutting that big ole tree down... but it just won't start.  

Try with all your might, that darn saw just won't work.  You grab the manual and you just can't figure it out.  You quit in frustration saying, "That Chainsaw Is Busted!"

Well of course you know the answer right?

The chainsaw needed gas but in your haste to cut the tree down you missed the page in the manual that explained that part.

Do you think failure could have been avoided if you had a group of friends helping you out?

I've been in the online education space for over 20 years and I can tell you one thing for certain...  If a new student doesn't have a solid community and support system in place, 96% will fail, no questions asked.

The Crypto Code Mastermind Is The Gas For Your Chainsaw!

It's the lifeblood of the system and gives you a fighting chance at success. 

In the Mastermind you have access to:

  • A community of experts waiting to help you when you have a question  - Have a question?  Just head over to the forums or live chat group and search or ask your question live.  Our team and community will help you if you get stuck.
  • Researched pre-launch-potential trade and pre-launch opportunities  - One of the secrets to DeFi trading is that many of the best opportunities don't show up on the major platforms till they have been around for several weeks.  If you can figure out who these companies and projects are BEFORE they go live on the DEX you have a MASSIVE advantage over other traders.  Our team and community of researchers are always on the look for these deals and we post them daily in our Mastermind forums.
  • Swap Alerts - When our team identifies potential profitable projects and tokens that have the indicators of being a winner we always alert our Mastermind as many times you have a small window to do your research and take action.  We are not saying all of the Swap Alerts are home runs but over the years we have been pretty darn good at picking some grand slams.  

    Do your own research, of course, but we want to help you weed through all the garbage out there to find those gems.
  • Ongoing Group Coaching Videos And Updates - Things can change fast in the DeFi world, and we do the legwork to make sure you are always in the know.  You have access to our many daily and weekly update training videos to help you get that edge.

  • We Don't Compete With Each Other.  In Fact, The More Of Us, The Better We All Do - It's a very common occurrence in our Mastermind for our members as a collective to find those "Moon" trades, and of course, we all share with each other as there is power in working together in numbers.  In fact, some of our BEST trades have come from our family of members.

    Yes, we consider our Mastermind a family.

The Mastermind Forums!

This is where the community starts.  In the CSP Mastermind forums, you can interact with other members, search for questions you may have, post a new question, read success stories.  It's one of the most valuable tools in the CSP Mastermind.

We use an actual forum that can be accessed through a web browser or your phone.  We don't use Facebook Groups or anything that is hard to follow our confusing.  The forums are organized by topics and you can use the search feature to find anything fast.  If you get stuck or want to share one of your wins... just post in the forums and one of our support members or forum members will respond to you.  Many times in minutes.

The Crypto Code Mastermind Gives You The Edge...

Don't look back 5 years from now saying "I coulda, shoulda, woulda"

Take action right now.  No regrets.  See you on the inside!

Joel Peterson
"Your Escape The Rat Race Guide Since 2004"
The Crypto Code

What if I need support?

We have an AMAZING community of Mastermind members who are ready to help in our private forums and you can also submit a support ticket in our official support portal.

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