12 Months Same As Cash Program
100% Acceptance Rate

Zero credit. Bad credit. No credit. No problem.

Monthly Loan Payments  ≈ $134
plus $97 for the monthly mastermind

 Approximate Total Monthly Payment:

Monthly Loan Payments are approximately $134 each month plus your $97 monthly mastermind fee so expect to pay approximately $231 total.  $500 coupon not available with the financing option so you are paying $2,497 plus interest. 

**Note** This is a loan and we work with a 3rd party company to process them.  It is a manual process and takes 2 to 5 days to complete.  It is only intended for people who do not have the ability to put the full amount on a credit card.

Want to join The Crypto Code Mastermind
but need a pay-over-time option?

We have partnered up with financing company who offers a new program called "Elevate".  They can lend you the Mastermind join fee of $2,497 to get you started.  The great thing about this program is if you pay off your loan in 12 months you pay zero interest!

Using a credit card is still the best and fastest way to join the program however if that is not an option, you may want to consider this new funding program.  

Due to the high costs and time it takes my staff to process these loans the $500 off coupon is not available if you choose to join the program with financing.

There is also a $25 non-refundable loan processing fee if you choose this option.

Also remember that the monthly mastermind fee is $97 a month so after your loan is approved, funded and you have access to the members area you will need to setup the future monthly billing with a credit card inside the members area.

Yes there is a 100% acceptance rate.  Loans have a 24 month term many times get you a better rate then credit cards if you have a good credit score.  If you are credit challenged interest rates will still be on the high side but if you pay it off in 12 months you pay zero interest.

The terms and interest rates are going to vary per your State Laws and which tier you fall into.

How To Apply For The Financing Program.

1. Pay a $25 Non-Refundable application fee.
2. Fill out the loan application that you will see on the thank you page after you pay the $25 fee.  Remember there is 100% acceptance so please answer all the questions on the application and yes there will be a hard credit pull so they can let you know your terms.

3. Follow all the instructions on the application.  Within 24 to 48 hours after you submit the application a document will be emailed to you that you need to digitally sign.

4. After the documents are signed there will be a very short verbal verification phone call.  Sometimes the first payment will be due before the loan is 100% complete.

5. After everything is finalized and we receive verification from the lender, we will create your account in the Mastermind and contact you so you can get started.

This process can take 2 to 5 business days or more depending on how busy they are and how fast you respond.

Remember this is for USA only and there is 100% loan acceptance no matter what your credit is like.

Please read all of the Frequently Asked Questions before clicking the button below that will take you to the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Will I be approved for this loan?

Yes this loan has a 100% approval rate if you live in the USA.  It does not matter what your credit score is.  You are approved.

QUESTION: What documents will I need to provide?

To close your loan you will need to provide the following after your application is submitted:
1. Bank routing and checking number. Voided check if you have one.
2. Debit or Credit card to use as a backup payment method.
3. Photo of your drivers license front and back

QUESTION: Will this affect my credit report?

The loan company will do a hard pull inquiry to determine your loan terms and rate but you are 100% approved no matter what your current score is.  Paying off your loan on time and early can actually help your credit score in the long-run.

QUESTION: What is the amount of the loan?


QUESTION: What will the interest rate be?

It depends on your credit score and tier you fall into but they range from 12% to 24.99% depending on what state you live in.  After you fill out the application you will get your documents with your rates and terms.  Again if you pay off your loan within 12 months you pay ZERO interest.

QUESTION: How many months will the loan be for?

Typically 24 months depending on the tier you fall into.

QUESTION: What will the payment be?

This is going to depend on your interest rate and loan term but we see on average many have a $134 monthly payment on the loan.  There is also the $97 monthly mastermind fee so expect to pay around $231 a month.

QUESTION: Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes if you pay it off before 12 months you pay zero interest.

QUESTION: How are my loan payments made?

Your checking account will automatically be debited each month.

QUESTION: How long does it take to get the loan and get my mastermind account?

It usually takes 2 to 5 business days to process everything.  A lot depends on you and how fast you can get the information back to the loan coordinator.  As soon as your loan is closed we will email you your mastermind access.  Many times after your loan is closed you are required to make your first payment depending on your loan documents.  If this is the case you will need to make that first payment before your mastermind account can be created.

QUESTION: When will my first payment be due?

Depending on which tier you fall into usually 30 days however if you are credit challenged right now you will be required to make your first payment now to close your loan and receive your mastermind access.

QUESTION: Do I still get the Free Crypto Hardware Wallet?

After you have paid off your loan you will receive your free Crypto Hardware Wallet.  You will need to contact us and let us know your loan is paid off.

QUESTION: Why is this option $2,497 instead of $1,997 if I pay with a credit card?

Due to the high costs and time involved to process these loans the $500 off coupon is not available for the financing option.  If you do have a credit card that is the fastest way to join the program.

QUESTION: How do I setup my $97 a month monthly mastermind fee after I have finalized my loan and have access to the members area?

Your $97 a month mastermind subscription is separate than your loan payment.  Inside the members area you can go and update the credit card you would like this to be charged to.  By default it will be the card you used during your loan setup.  This is the $97 ongoing mastermind fee and is separate to any loan payment you may be making

QUESTION: Why do I have to pay a $25 non-refundable application fee?

That is what the loan company charges us to process each application as there are few manual steps to process the loan.  Plus is shows that you are serious and prevents bots from filling out the forms and wasting our time.

Ready to apply?  Click the button below to start the process and pay your $25 application fee today.