Pay Your Invoice With Crypto

This is a 3 Step Manual Process

Step 1: Enter the amount you owe and select the crypto you would like to pay with. (Scroll down for the options.)

Step 2: After you pay we will verify that payment was received.  It usually takes us 1 to 2 hours to verify payments but can take longer if it's the weekend or outside of our business hours.  After you send the crypto please email [email protected] with your transaction ID and proof that you paid as this will speed up the process.

Step 3: After payment is verified you will receive an email from us that says "Your order has been received!" and you will be able to login to the members area.

After you send payment keep this page open.  Depending on which crypto you sent you might see a confirmation message when your crypto is verified on the blockchain but please don't worry if you do not see this message.  It usually takes 2 to 30 minutes for your crypto to be confirmed on the blockchain.  Sometimes the conformation message never shows on this page.  All you need to do is reply to the email in your inbox and give us the transaction ID or Link.  If you have any issues just email [email protected]